Merge Defense game

Merge Defense opens a new war game. Unknown enemies suddenly attacked us. Build turrets and merge 2 turrets of the same type to level up. Let's protect our home now. You need to be careful with the enemy's attack. Boss will come and you have to use more turrets. Merge them to power up your play. Try to win all the hardest levels that we present to players around the world.

Use game tips to fight and win your opponents. Countless players from all over the world participated and won this war. The speed and difficulty of the game increase gradually in the next rounds. What is the best strategy you use? What is your favorite game that you have chosen to participate in? Save them and conquer the turns to become the best player today. With each successful level, you have collected the best tips to complete the game. Expand the world of online games with journeys from the city to the countryside. Mysterious forests also appear. Defend your home in any war.

Don't let your opponents find their way into your home. They will win if you are not alert. Share how to play online games today if you love our space. Countless players around the world have chosen this game to join and fight like real heroes. ABCya3 free games expand many games of different themes for players to participate in all over the world. Choose the best way to play to complete the challenge.

How to play:

Use the left mouse to select and place turrets to play

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