Become a master of the world and kill all the monsters when you join the online game You will feel a lot of wonderful things. We will completely be able to become a new heroic empire. All monsters will be destroyed quickly. We will join together and discover interesting things in this game. You will feel quite a lot of the fun of this game. Try to survive in the world of terrible monsters or become one of them to start a hunt. Choose your faction and go. Each has its abilities and strengths. Try everyone will win this game.

You will start walking in a very crowded city. Your task is to trample everything you come across. Step on humans, and kill all the monsters with punches. You will move around that area and show your strong bravery. Are you ready for those wars? We won't find it too difficult, just fighting will have high results. The humans wearing blue and red clothes are feeling scared when monsters fight. All will be available in the online game at They are running everywhere. You need to catch them to score more points. Unhappy people will not end well playing this game. We are ready for a very interesting battle.

Would you like to start right away to the exciting discovery in this game? You will be a giant character who decides the lives of people. Does that give you the initiative? Do you want what's good in the city? Eye-catching graphics, very attractive colors. Characters are designed very beautifully, players will enjoy them. The game has many levels. Please enjoy each level.

How to play:

Use a mouse or touch screen to play.

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2 Player


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