Mosaic Artimo game

The players will get to enjoy the beauty of the mosaic pieces in this game of Mosaic Artimo as it's the new adventure to carry on the path filled with the most beautiful art pieces made of mosaic tiles. You will find this ABCya puzzle game filled with beautiful art, interesting puzzles, and the cutest graphics for your unforgettable gaming time! The goal is to solve all the puzzles with the mosaic theme on the board.

The layout and the positions of the mosaic shall change and you will need to memorize them in order to put the pieces into the right places. Your guide in this new adventure will be the little dog, Artimo to search for the most beautiful pieces of mosaic paintings and puzzles. First, get used to the layout and how the game rolls out using the tutorial. Choose the mosaic to put on the grid from the right panel. The mosaic with a specific number should be in its correct cell. If you are wrong, don't worry as you can use the grater to scrape it and start over.

The grater is on the top left side of the screen for the kids to use. During the tutorial, you have the marked tiles for placing mosaic pieces. However, when it comes to the real levels, you will have to memorize their positions and colors. Feel free to use the three hint options on the top of the screen to help you out. Keep in mind that there're a limited number of hints, therefore, you should use them wisely. How many among these levels will you be able to solve?

How to play:

Click to choose the mosaic pieces.

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