Neon Pong Multi player game

In the new multiplayer game Neon Pong Multi Player, we want to invite you to play ping pong against players like you. The competition will take place in a neon world. In front of you on the screen you will see the playing field divided into two parts. There will be two platforms below and above. One of them will be controlled by your opponent, and the other will be controlled by you. On a signal, the ball will enter the game. Using the control keys, you will move your platform and substitute it under the ball. Thus, you will have to beat him constantly to the side of the enemy. You will need to make sure that your opponent misses the ball. Thus, you will score a goal and you will be given points in the Neon Pong Multi Player game. The one who leads in the score will win the match.

Game Controls:


  • Left click and drag the paddle left and right to move it


  • Tap and hold. Use your finger to drag the paddle left and right


  • Use the A/D keys to move the paddle

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