Nonogram Jigsaw game

Nonogram Jigsaw is a puzzle Sudoku puzzle game. This game can be played with both puzzles and nonograms. For each level you pass, you get a puzzle piece that can end up unlocking a lot of beautiful pictures. Train your brain from the basic rules and logic behind the picture cross puzzle!

In Nonogram Jigsaw, the intrigue of secret images and brain-teasing jigsaw puzzles combine to create an enthralling gaming experience. Players progressively unlock delightful aesthetics by completing each level, thereby earning jigsaw pieces. This game intelligently tests your logical thinking as you decipher the pattern, gradually revealing a beautiful image.

How to Play:

Use your mouse to left-click on a block you want to paint, and right-click on a block you want to cross out.

The numbers indicate how many blocks in that row or column are painted.

Carefully deduce where the blocks must be painted to solve the nonogram puzzle.

Each level completion earns you a jigsaw piece, gradually revealing a beautiful picture.

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Published by company: Albayoo
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