Pandjohng Solitaire game

Pandjohng Solitaire - the new game from ABCya3 with a total of 80 levels will be the perfect choice and combination of solitaire and puzzle game for kids of all ages to have fun with this new panda game. You will assist the pandas to conquer all the solitaire challenges, each with a unique layout and set-up that requires some brainstorming to dominate the match. You will be using the given tiles on the field to achieve the goal of gathering a full stack with tiles in the right order. Gather the pieces one by one in the order of decreasing values and make sure to collect all the available suits on the board.

You can also use jokers and bonuses as guidance and boosters for simplifying the process. More jokers are hidden on the suits or the deck, so try to locate them. Keep in mind that you can gain some additional points and strike bonuses if you manage to find the pandas on the deck as well. Draw cards one by one from the stockpile before selecting the higher cards. It's all about managing the drawn cards from the playing field and trying to remove them all in one go! Here, we allow the kids to understand the mahjong rules better and showcase their ability to deal with more and more cards.

If there's no card placed on top of the one that you are trying to draw, you can remove it from the deck. However, if the card is not free, you can't move it. Let's see if your scores can be on the top rankings of the Leaderboard in this game while tackling the tough mahjong games against the CPU!


Click on the tiles to remove them.

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