Parking Line game

Parking Line is a casual puzzle game that puts your driving skills to the test. Your task is to draw the perfect line and park the car in the designated spot. With various levels offering unique parking setups, each challenge will demand precision and strategy. Sharpen your parking prowess as you progress through the game, conquering one parking spot after another. Can you master the art of precise parking? Take on the challenge and find out!

In the new online game Parking Line you have to help drivers park their cars in various conditions. In front of you, your car will be visible on the screen, which will be located in a certain area. At a distance from it, you will see a place marked with lines. This is where you will need to park your car. You will need to use the mouse to draw a line from your car to the parking spot. Your car will move along this line until it stops at the place you specified. As soon as this happens, you will be given points in the Parking Line game.

How to play:

Use MOUSE to play the game.

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