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Welcome to the Personal Computer online game at ABCya3. How will you experience the work of an office worker-centered around the computer? Are they too leisurely and light to work in the office? It's not as simple as you think. Here will reproduce some of that work for you to understand. Surely you will have a different view on that. Do you love it? Ready to join now? Get a personal computer in your hand and earn a lot of money!

Do freelance work correctly and develop your computer skills. Many different levels are waiting for you. all will be in the online game Personal Computer.You will perform a lot of tasks in this game. The job of an office worker who is good at English, you will choose the right dictionaries for the passages. It is a job that will bring you a lot of money. Then you continue to play the role of IT, staff, cleaning garbage and cleaning viruses for the computer. You will do many jobs in computer science, repair and rerun software for computers...

Each job will earn you a decent amount of money. Let's experience each level of this game in turn. You will do perfectly well on those tasks. There are many different levels, follow the instructions you will do well. Become an experienced office worker. You will complete all challenges well and bring back good luck. Your pocket will have a decent amount of money. Play and practice like a professional language teacher.

Game controls:

Perform client given tasks on computer and get paid for that work.

Use your mouse and keyboard.

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Nevar Games

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