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Popcorn Box is a one-button arcade game that revolves around filling empty boxes with popcorn. Hold the left mouse button (or your finger) to make popcorn start bursting out and stop when it reaches just above the dashed line. Fill up a box and meet the green line to pass each level. This game tests you on dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Everyone, from young to old, will enjoy challenging their skills with this fun game. It can teach children about using their fine motor skills while keeping elderly players sharp and alert.

The goal that you have for each level of the game is to fill the box with popcorn, which you do by clicking and holding the left mouse button, which releases popcorn out of the valve. The goal is to fill it up until the popcorn reaches the line at the top, and if it does not drop too much popcorn outside in three seconds, you advance to the next level.

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Instruction to play:

Hold to fill the bucket with popcorn.

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