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If you’re a fan of puzzle games, you should not miss a wonderful match-3 puzzle game called Pride Mahjong. This game is created to celebrate Pride Month and Pride Day. This special event is around the corner. It’s time to get something amazing for this event. Here at ABCya-3, that is your main mission. You have to pick 3 identical items to collect them. Each time you click or tap on an item, it will be removed to a bar divided into 7 slots at the bottom of the screen.

When 3 items are picked, they will be placed next to each other and eliminated. You have to finish each level within a given time. The timer is the bar with 3 stars on the right side of the screen. Above the bar at the bottom, you will 3 different symbols. Those are 3 power-ups that the game offers to you. You can undo the previous pick, shuffle the whole gameboard or a set of 3 identical items will be removed. These power-ups are limited; therefore, just use them when you really need them. You can only use each power-up twice at each level.

A level fails when all slots are full. At that moment, that level should be restarted if you still want to dig deeper into this game. You have 60 levels to enjoy in your free time. Keep in mind that you can only pick all bright items. The dark items can’t be pickable because they are blocked by other items. You have to remove the upper layer to reveal the items on the lower layer.

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