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Learn how to solve this multiple-level game with one of the best minimalist color-based puzzle gameplay here at ABCya3 land! Your main role in this puzzle game is to roll the cube to match the correct colors on the floor. Make sure that the colored blocks are on the specific side that the game marks. Once it's colored, start moving toward the exit door or the end point while figuring out how to make sure the colored block fits onto the tiles.

Rolling the cube through the few first stages will be easy as the colored block automatically fits on the designated tiles. However, once you have progressed to higher levels, you need to try to figure out the correct movement to victory as it will not be easy. Enjoy the minimalist style of this mind-wrecking puzzle game where you can relax and solve problems at the same time! There are more than seventy levels, each with detached and handcrafted levels of difficult puzzle boards. How many stars will you be able to collect for each turn? The more you gain, the higher you will be able to present on the global Leaderboard.

With any device that you have, you can enjoy this beautiful minimalist aesthetic game. There'll be a color-blind option for the players who want to tackle this type of challenge. The movement of the cube can is easy to understand yet hard to manipulate. We are searching for the smartest players who can come up with the solution for each level's puzzle in one go!

Controlling keys:

Move the cube using WASD, arrow keys, or by dragging the left mouse button.

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Xigma Games

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