Sand Sort Puzzle game

If you love brain games. Don't miss the chance to discover the Sand Sort Puzzle online game at abcya3 games. Are you ready to start this exciting game right away? You will feel a lot of new things when participating in the game. Learn the rules of the game and start playing now. The vases with colorful flowers are waiting for you. Let's explore together! Great! In this game, you will be provided with several flowerpots.

Inside will be layers of colorful sand poured into the mix. Your task is to bring layers of sand of the same color to a flowerpot. When the flowerpot contains enough layers of sand of one color, it will bloom beautifully. How can that task be done? You will sort out different vases with different colors. Just keep moving and pouring the sand so that the flower can grow on that vase. The super attractive intellectual game will be available in the online game Sand Sort Puzzle. You can completely experience a lot of levels. Continually sort sand that color. You will get a lot of flowers. The game has many levels.

How many levels will you pass? It all depends on your intelligence. You will divide the multicolored sand into layers of one color sand. Very interesting! Each level will be a fun puzzle for players to experience. You will make a lot of flowers bloom. All will have their own color. You will have fun and relax while playing this game. You never find it too difficult.

How to play:

Use mouse or touch screen.

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