Sheep Sheep! game

Sheep Sheep! is a farm-themed arcade mahjong game. A fun cartoon game with many different aspects. You must get three identical shapes to delete them.

Join the charming sheep Shirley, Shaun, and Timmy on an exciting puzzle-platform adventure in Home Sheep Home! With their unique abilities and adorable personalities, these sheep will guide you through 15 challenging levels, filled with obstacles and surprises. Shaun, the agile leader, can leap over high objects, while Shirley, the mighty champion, pushes and pulls obstacles with ease. And Timmy, the smallest and most nimble, squeezes through tight spaces, making him an essential part of each level.

Time limits add an extra layer of excitement, pushing you to think quickly and strategically. But don't worry, there's always a solution, no matter how tricky the challenge. Prepare for hours of fun and brain-twisting puzzles as you help these lovable sheep find their way home.

How to play:

Try to click on the same three topics through several stages in the Sheep Sheep! and then match them with each other in the tray bar at the bottom of the screen. The patterns on the tiles are all appropriate for the subject matter of farming and agriculture. Unlocking additional corn cobs, buckets, or rakes as rapidly as possible is essential in order to bring down the tower.

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