Skate Rush Challenge game

Superman guy is doing a challenging adventure on a skateboard. Sounds simple right? But this is a game Skate Rush Challenge at that requires you a lot of skills. You have to believe in yourself to be able to participate. Your participation in this game by very fast rotation skills. There are many deadly traps. Therefore, the management of reflexes also needs to be more demanding.

There are very sharp nail holes and there are gaps. Try to focus on multiple games and jump high to avoid all of this before you get hit. Collect as many stars in the game to find yourself the highest amount of money and be a smart person. This is an extremely exciting adventure with the most refreshing moments. Destroy all of your opponents that appear in front of you by placing them on top of them. Combine collect coins and tons of keys to unlock even more amazing levels. When you get a lot of money you can upgrade yourself with more abilities.

Control your skateboard avoiding the obstacle station. A skateboarder is looking to go on a fascinating adventure for which he has no skill. Can you help him? Let's quickly join the game to bring the skateboard guy back to the destination safely. Show all your Risks while skateboarding. It's a pleasure that you can share this game Skate Rush Challenge with all your friends for an exciting skateboarding opportunity. 


Use your mouse to take the guy with the skateboard to the finish line.

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