Skibidi in the Backrooms game

kibidi in the Backrooms is a first-person survival horror game. Find yourself in a giant maze, collect at least 10 video tapes, and reach the exit before the human-headed toilet monster hunts you down.

You have to go through all of the Backrooms in order to win. This is a terrifying location, which, for some reason, has been haunted by Skibidi Toilets. To improve your chances of surviving, you should make it a priority to gather as many videotapes as you possibly can. To get rid of all of the toilets in the city, you will need to be a skilled photographer.

The tension will grow every second, especially when you realize that a monster lives here. This is a huge toilet with claws that can kill anyone! Will you be able to be agile enough and react quickly to a stressful situation?

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How to play:

Use WASD/ arrow keys to move!

Published by company:

Catom Games

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