Skibidi Toilet IO game

Skibidi Toilet IO is a hilarious IO game for 2 players where you have to push all your rivals to make them fall off the platform. Your vehicle will be a toilet. Practical, right? Hurry up and push all your opponents to earn points. You can play this game alone against bots or have hours of fun with a friend in local mode.

Your task is to make sure that your character survives and defeats all his rivals, and this will be extremely difficult to do. The location in which your hero will be located will be visible on the screen in front of you. Using the control keys you will control the actions of your hero. He will have to move around the location and collect various objects, with their help he will strengthen his abilities, which will allow him to confront his opponents at the proper level. After your hero becomes strong enough, you need to start looking for your opponents. Having noticed them, you will have to attack the monsters of other players. By striking them you will destroy all your opponents and for this you will be in the Toilet game. io will give a certain number of points. After killing enemies, they will drop power-ups, collect them, because they are your rightful trophies that will help you in your progress.

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Controls: Mouse / Arrows / WASD

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