SmileyWorld Bubble Shooter game

The latest update for the puzzle game here at ABCya3 called Smileyworld Bubble Shooter will easily get you hooked for hours thanks to the colorful graphics, bright design, and the loveliest gameplay that kids of all ages can enjoy! Your job in this board game is to break all the floating bubbles as they appear on the board. Different bubbles have different colors and placements. All these adorable smiley bubbles are waiting for suitable players to have fun with them. By matching a group of three or more similar colored bubbles, you can pop them and remove them.

The popped bubbles will be collected and calculated as additional scores for the final result. Stay alert and keep an eye on the appearance of little animals and characters while you are popping bubbles. These can either be boosters for your record or dangers to your board. Some explosives will help to clear more lines of bubbles at once, so utilize these boosters wisely. By matching a line of bubbles with these boosters, you can pop them and put their power to use. Aiming is one thing, however, how you use your strategy to clear as many bubbles as possible is the more important task.

The highest you can gain for each level is three stars. Pay attention to the Extra Booster smileys to quickly complete your stage. The list of newly added games of will introduce you to the widest range of genres and fill you with the trendy type for your exploration. Don't miss out on this chance to play for free!

How to play:

Tap or click the mouse to pop the bubbles.

Use the touchpad to play with mobiles/ tablets.

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Bubble Shooter

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