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Your typing learning lesson can be much more interesting with this fun game of Speed Typing Test, the latest gaming option from the summer category of abcya puzzle games where you will put your typing skills to the test. This game checks your casual speed typing and provides lessons and training sessions for you to improve it! Don't worry if you haven't tried out plenty of typing-learning apps. This is the only item that you need for honing your typing skills with enjoyable gameplay and lovely graphic designs!

First, get into the game and prepare to warm up your fingers with a few simple typing tests first. Once you have been familiar with the way the test is functioning, you can start new quests with lots of racing against the clock. The overall gameplay and theme are quite easy to grasp, so even newbies can get into this game without any difficulties. On your playing screen, words will pop up on the screen one by one. It's your task to type them as fast and accurately as you can and place your typing on the given bar. The faster you manage to type, the higher your rate will be. However, don't try too hard to type fast because accuracy is the second most important element in this gameplay.

You have to guarantee a certain accuracy rate with your typing in order to beat your previous individual records. Other players have marked their scores and written their names on the Leaderboard, so let's claim a spot for yours too! It's a fun theme that comes with an educational purpose so that kids no longer feel the burden of learning to type Words or old and boring typing lessons anymore! Embrace this non-traditional game with us here at https://abcya3games.net/ , and spread your experience to other similar games like Workshop Tools Link or Pixel Block 3D too!

Controls: Type with your keyboard.

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