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Spooky Sort It is a new puzzle game with sorting that we now invite you to play in the Halloween Games category of our website, just in time for the holiday to come up, for which we are sure you will be very excited, and we will now be using this following part of the article to explain ball sort games, in case you're new to them!

Your goal is to sort an array of spectral balls into the appropriate tubes. The catch? The tubes come with twists, turns, and eerie surprises that will test your problem-solving skills. You'll need to strategize, plan your moves, and make split-second decisions to get those spectral balls where they belong.

Round, colorful monsters were captured and placed in clear, tall flasks in Spooky Sort It! The catcher is the magician's assistant, and the monsters were needed to prepare magic potions. However, before the magician begins cooking, it is necessary to sort and place four creatures of the same color in flasks. This is also a task for the assistant and you can help him cope with it quickly. There are a lot of monsters collected, at each level there will be free flasks where you can transfer creatures and separate them by color in Spooky Sort It! The game has two difficulty modes with a set of twenty-four levels.

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Instruction to play: Use your mouse or touch to play.

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