Super Goal game

Super Goal is a cool soccer game where you can hit a target in a goal and shoot past many obstacles.

This soccer game has a lot going for it! Use your mouse or finger to draw a line on the target in the goal and shoot it. It sounds easy enough at first, but there are many obstacles and goalkeepers in your way. And sometimes the target even moves! Shoot through hoops and past various cones, outsmart the goalkeepers and hit the target with no more than three shots. Collect gold coins as points in Super Goal and set a new level high score. Use quick reactions, crazy tricks or strategic moves to unlock new goals every time!

How to Play:

Up Down Left Right use Arrow Keys
Y button use Z
B button use X
A button use C
X button use S
L button use A
R button use D
Start Button use Enter
Select Button use Shift

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