Super Oscar game

To navigate many of the dangerous gaps and traps below, jump high. Don't pass up this chance to succeed amazing things and only in Super Oscar at You can fully engage in this type of free online game through your computer and browser. Become a hero and go on an adventure in the jungle. Your goal is to finish and collect the gold coins. In the moving distance, there will be traps like holes, gaps in animals appearing to attack you.

Let's jump even higher to get out of these gaps. Unlock obstacles to search for the gold coins in it and the most useful items together. You can completely attack and defeat all the animals in this forest. When you get the high amounts. You will have a lot of fun when participating in a green forest experience with adorable animals. But they are all your enemies. For you to overcome the daily traps, you need to observe and control your speed.

Don't run too fast because as long as you miss your foot you can fall off the cliff at any moment. Let's dance accurately at the safest speed to bring you victory. Along with your friends participate in an adventure game Super Oscar to become the leader of the jungle together.


Use the arrow keys to bring the character back to the destination safely.

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