Super Steve Adventure game

Super Steve Adventure is a super addicting and challenging adventure platformer game in which you will go along with Steve in his new adventure. He has to go through a land filled with deadly traps and animals. He needs you to keep him safe from all dangers. With you as his company, he won’t worry anymore. So, the game has so many levels but they won’t appear as a list of levels as you usually see in other Frivland adventure games.

Instead, those levels are connected to each other. You will go through from the current level to the new level if you succeed without being back to the main menu. Steve has only 2 lives. Each time he hits an obstacle or gets attacked by an enemy, he loses a life. If he runs out of two lives, he has to restart the current level or even go back to the previous level or the first level. With obstacles, he can jump over them, and with enemies, he can kill them by using his sword.

Timing each action is the key to surviving. If Steve jumps or attacks an enemy at the wrong moment, he will lose his chance and may lose his life. As you level up, Steve will have to deal with more dangers. It’s all up to you to keep him safe. Let’s see how far you can go. On the way, try to collect as many coins as you can to upgrade Steve’s speed, jump strength, and health. This helps him go farther. Good luck! Here at  ABCya3, we also have tons of amazing options for you to check out such as Offline Rogue and Slash Ville 3D.

Instructions: WASD or arrow keys to move, and Space to attack.

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