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TankWar.io is one of the latest multiplayer IO games that welcomes you with amazing gameplay and enjoyable content. You join an epic battle among tanks and your ultimate objective is to make every single enemy tank become the last tank to survive. The special feature of this game is that the map will shrink over time just like what happened in any battle royale game out there. You can put your tank in 2 different states: attacking and defending.

You can see an HP bar of yours and other tanks. When you get shot and this bar runs out, your tank is destroyed. Click or tap on the screen and you will see the direction control. You control the direction and attack the tank. When you release the screen, it means when the tank stops moving, it enters the defensive state. When your tank is in the defensive state, all bullets shot at you will rebound and the ones who attack you at the moment will get damaged. You will be protected from bullet attacks until the energy is exhausted. You can recover this energy by moving and attacking.

Here at abcya3, you will earn coins for destroying enemies, and coins are used to upgrade your HP, Speed, and Attack or unlock new tanks that have better stats. It all depends on an effective battle strategy. Plan every move you make to attack and defend effectively. You are sure not to want to leave the battle too soon, aren’t you? Defeat enemy tanks one by one and finally become the last survivor.

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