Temple Jewels game

Temple Jewels is a match 3 puzzle game that isn't your typical match 3! As you play through the levels, boards will be set up in different shapes instead of the typical grid layout. Gems will have to be swapped diagonally or in other directions to make matches of 3!

The game starts of basic, with the goal to clear all of the squares that are highlighted blue. Each level has to be completed before running out of moves and time. The top left corner displays your number of moves left, with a circle around it that indicates how much time is left. Complete the goal for the level to earn bonus points for any time & moves left over.

Try to clear as many levels as you can before failing a level. With practice, you will soon be able to pass through all 101 levels! Build up your score and keep track in the leaderboard to go for your personal best.

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How to play:

To control the game, use your mouse or touchscreen to swap adjacent jewels. Swap them such that they form a row or column consisting three or more similar jewels. Matching more than three jewels rewards you with bonus points. You progress in the game by achieving the set high score for each level.

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