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Tennis Open 2024 is a sports game based on real-world tennis rules, matches and championships. The player, via a tennis player avatar, learns how to play like a professional. When they perform well and win matches, they receive trophies. Their ultimate goal is to win five matches in a row to win a Grand Slam trophy.

The biggest world tennis tournaments would be nothing without the best player around. So pick up your racket and show everyone just what you are made of!

Instruction to play:

Mouse: Click buttons. To make the avatar send the ball to a specific spot on the tennis court during the first turn or serve, position the cursor above the spot and then click the left button. To direct the avatar to return the ball, click and drag the mouse.

Mobile: Tap buttons. To direct the avatar to serve the ball from the start, position the cursor above a spot and then tap the touch pad or screen. To direct the avatar to return the ball, tap and drag the finger or stylus.

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Inlogic Software

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