The Smurfs Ocean Cleanup game

The ocean is home to a lot of life. It is threatened by a group of people dumping garbage into the depths of the ocean. Avoid and protect the life of sea creatures by participating in the online game The Smurfs Ocean Cleanup at One fine day the guy went to the beach and saw a lot of garbage under the ocean. positive. He decided to do the meaningful work of cleaning up the trash on the seabed.

While he cleans up the ocean that surrounds the tropical island he calls home. You will earn money for every item you can pull out of the water. You can exchange these coins for great upgrades and make him stronger or give him a long fishing line that will help him get more trash. There are also valuable treasures and cool stickers floating around for you to collect! The meaningful work also helps him to get richer as the deeper he goes, there will be treasures under the ocean. Help him earn money and buy tools to clean up deeper in the ocean.

The online game Smurfs Ocean Cleanup not only helps you relax but also educates people to protect the living environment, especially keeping the water source clean. We will need to protect the green planet every day. The game has a unique graphic design, you will feel very relaxed when playing. Vivid, beautiful sound will make players attracted. Be the hero of the vast ocean.


Use mouse to play.

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