The Smurfs Village Cleaning game

The exploding village will be available in The Smurfs Village Cleaning online game at abc ya 3. You will find it very interesting to play. Start right now! You will love it. There was a guy who did a very stupid thing. One of his yellow and red wrapped gift boxes exploded in Smurf Village. All of the Smurfs' houses and belongings were covered in dirt and soot. Will you help the Smurfs clean up their village?

He will clean the village and all the utensils there. Many houses need to be cleaned. He had a hard time completing the task. Try to help him and the villagers clean up. Some games are very dangerous. You will have more new feelings in the online game The Smurfs Village Cleaning. You will have more helpers. Scrub each house and the tools inside. The stupid joke turned the beautiful village black. Help the villagers clean up and put life back on track. Are you looking forward to getting started right now?

The game is interesting and has many new things. Fascinating lots of games when you and your friends explore. The first village was able to be clean in a short time thanks to the boy's efforts. Simple gameplay, and vivid graphics will attract you. Play until the village is clean. Let's turn the black village into a bright village. You can do that.

How to play:

Use a mouse to play the game or touch the touch screen.

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