Tiny Explorer game

Tiny Explorer is an attractive retro platformer game about adventuring and exploring an ancient temple for treasure. Here, you will join a tiny explorer to hunt treasure. Get ready because you guys will face a lot of obstacles. So, your main goal is to find a treasure chest in each level. You have to jump and run through many deadly traps such as spikes, lava, and so on. As soon as you open the treasure chest and take items inside, the current level is complete and you will move to the next one.

As you level up, you will handle more obstacles. Some blocks your way. You can use your whip to break those obstacles to open the way. You have to be careful in every move and jump you make because, with a tiny mistake, you have to restart that level. Some of the first levels are quite easy because you don’t have to face too many obstacles and dangers. Later on, the journey becomes more and more challenging.

This ABCya3 platformer game offers 27 levels and the challenging level increases slightly from level 1 to level 27. Time isn’t counted; therefore, don’t rush. Take your time to jump over each obstacle. Keep in mind that failure gives you experience. You may fail this time but you can correct the mistake and succeed next time. Believe in yourself and you will have a successful adventure. Enjoy your time and don’t forget to check out other great games like Real High Stunt Car Extreme and Rescue Girl.

How to play: Arrow keys or WASD to move, W/I/or Up Arrow to jump, and Space, U, C, or O to use your whip.

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