Tomb of the Mask Online game

Tomb Of The Mask is a fast-paced arcade game that you can play for free anytime along with tons of other options at….. Here, you will embark on an adventure through something you can call a tomb, maze, or labyrinth with a little guy. This guy finds a mysterious mask that gives him the ability to climb walls at ease. Take advantage of this ability and conquer 25 levels full of excitement and challenges.

Get ready all the time because each level brings you to a tortuous and dangerous maze filled with unpredictable twists and turns that can put a little guy and your life at risk. Here, you will find a safe way to lead your character to go through the maze and reach the end safely. Climb walls and dash around the maze like a ninja. While dashing, you will collect coins and stars. Stars play an important role and there are 3 stars at each level. You have to collect all of the stars to enable the door at the end of your journey. Some of the first levels of this excitingABCya game is easy to conquer but as you level up, you have to be careful twice.

Why? Simply because many traps and enemies are waiting for you as you go deeper into the maze. If you touch any of those obstacles, you lose. The key is to find a safe way to get out of the maze. You don’t need to finish a level within a certain amount of time. Therefore, let’s go slowly. You need time to observe. Some traps are only enabled when you are there. Good luck and enjoy other amazing adventures in Steve Hardcore and Merge and Push 3D.

Controls: Touch or arrow keys to play.

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