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Get into this new gaming session of Toy Match 2 from the new list of gaming for kids here at ABCya3. In this second sequel, we invite you to revisit one of our cutest matching puzzle games with the highlighted graphics and lovely features. Emerge in the new world of a new generation of puzzle 3 matching game where cool animations and a splendid soundtrack is waiting to keep you entertained. A total of 2500 levels are here to make sure that your exploration session is amazing. Tap onto the two modes of Daily Missions and Challenges, each with its signature requirements, layout, and unique extra bonuses for the winner.

In order to gather the most coins and power-ups by winning more levels, you need to crack all puzzles. Matching the groups with three similar toys in a line, whether diagonally or horizontally, to get a score. More scores are achieved when you clear the board and advance toward the ending of the game. Pay attention to some daily and additional quests like Treasure Hunt to explore the strange missions or new layouts for puzzle boards. Try to match a line with more than three toys to get the larger blocks and larger score chunks.

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The moment you manage to remove them all from the board, the level is over. Keep advancing until you can crack all level goals and bring more puzzles your way in other games like Bubble Shooter Challenge and Ball Tales - The Holy Treasure. If you are confident with your matching skills, this game will be a perfect option for a relaxing daytime gaming session with no cost here at! As long as you don't let the time run out before the goal is achieved, you can get the bonuses and boosters given to you!


Use the mouse or pointer to match.

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