TrollFace Quest: Horror 3 game

Trollface Quest: Horror 3 is the third installment of the famous Trollface Quest series. You may have played the first and the second sequel of this series at So why don’t you try the third one? It brings to you some unexpected excitement that you can’t find in the previous games. It’s a point-and-click puzzle game but the horrifying and mind-bending one in which you will deal with something jump out from your favorite horror movies, shows, and even game.

When you are in the most shocking moments, you have to keep calm and think out of the box to handle those situations. The game won’t tell you what to do or where to start. You have to solve each puzzle by yourself or with hints if you get stuck. However, use hints wisely because they are limited. You can’t earn more hints during the game. On abcya3 free games, sometimes, you can solve the puzzle with your wisdom but mostly, you click randomly and win. Play this game with your luck, wit, and wisdom. Each puzzle has only one right answer and you can try one level several times until you find out the solution.

It’s also because the current level is solved, the next one will be unlocked. An exhilarating adventure is waiting for you. Don’t miss it because you will get something really fun and enjoyable. Every Trollface game gives you joy and this game also won’t let you down. Play with your friends to solve the puzzle quicker is a great idea if you find that you can’t handle them by yourself. 

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How to play:

Use your mouse to solve point and click puzzles.

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