Water Flow game

For greatest flow safety, pull all of the pins horizontally or to the left. This is a newly released game Water Flow at abcya3games.net/. Are you ready to survive many challenges ahead with your skillful skill? The fun will await you in the levels ahead. Join now. Good Luck! For the flow to descend as smoothly as possible, you must move to unlock the handles. Drag the handles to adjust them. Make a few of your own moves to assist the flow in getting to the pipe.

When you keep the flow down before drinking, you will overcome the challenge. Open the game, but the more difficult it gets for you later. It’s hard to think how. But I believe that with your skill you can completely solve these puzzles in a long time. Time to explore the game and do some of your actions. Learn a lot of safest paths so you don't miss a flow. Take them to safety and get yourself a high score.

Unlock a lot more than rear speed is still waiting for you. Manipulate your brain to help observe and find the safest path. This is a relaxing game but also mobilizes your brain most smartly. Discover more interesting things in the game Water Flow at ABCya 3. Together with your friends to become wonderful hands.


Use mouse to be able to adjust the pegs.

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