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You've arrived just in time! Wheely and Jolie are about to go to the movies! Come and join them in the sixth installment of the entertaining puzzle game series, Wheely 6! After all the trouble theyve been getting into lately, both Wheely and Jolie deserve some relaxation. Seeing all the great new movies playing at the local theatre, they decide to visit. In Wheely 6, as he becomes immersed in the movie, our hero finds himself in a medieval setting surrounded by knights, kings, princesses, and wizards. The princess gets kidnapped by the evil sorcerer and it is your job to help Wheely rescue her!

The guy in this game is trying to save his girlfriend from the dangers. But he needs to answer different riddles to find out where his girlfriend is locked up. Each puzzle will help you find clues to solve the problem. The game is logical. You will find those things now. It sounds attractive, right? You will be trained for intelligence as well as how to solve many different problems. As simple as finding a car, help it through the dangerous bridge and go to where the girlfriend is locked. Enjoy the fun now!

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Use your left mouse button to play the game.

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