Wings Rush Forces game

Wings Rush Forces is a brand new platform-adventure game with running and jumping, where you once again control the blue bird that has been inspired by Sonic, as it looks just like him, but it is another kind of animal, with whom we are sure you will still have plenty of fun, as you will never go wrong with content on this page!

Join the little bird to save the world in this third part high-speed running adventure. But what's about wild animals, attacking robots, and poisonous waters? There are always some flaws in fun, right? In this exciting skill game, your objective is to survive but nothing else! We handled the run part, no worries. Our character starts automatically running once you start the game. What you should do is to click with your mouse or tap on the screen to make this blue buddy jump and avoid the obstacles. Let's not forget about the rings, tho!

How to play:

Use the WASD keys or the ARROWS.

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