Woodman Idle Tycoon game

"Woodman Idle Tycoon" is an exciting casual game in the genre of "Clicker", in which you will have a chance to become a real tycoon and shovel money! Complete various exciting tasks to get additional rewards and valuable experience to open access to new islands. Travel through various scenic locations, including a windmill, gold mine, logging, and fishing lake.

You will have to help your hero found his city and become its ruler. In front of you on the screen you will see a certain area in which your hero will be located. He will have a certain amount of money and resources at his disposal. You will have to carefully examine everything and collect the bundles of money scattered everywhere. Using them you can build various workshops and structures that will begin to generate income for you. You can also hire employees. So gradually you will expand your possessions and then build a city in the game Woodman Idle Tycoon.

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Instruction to play: Use your mouse to play.

Published by company: Nolodin Games
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