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Not everyone likes math. Numbers make you dizzy. However, it doesn’t mean playing a game about numbers is not fun. If you think it’s not fun, that’s because you haven’t played X2 Block Match at abcya3. It’s another version of the 2048 puzzle game. Your target is to make the number 2048 or more by joining the same blocks. Instead of playing on a 4x4 board, you will play on a gameboard have 5 columns. And the blocks that you’re going to merge contain a number starting from 2 and a power of two like 2, 4, 8, 16, and 32.

These are the numbers that you have at the beginning. When you reach a required target, a new number like 64, 128, and so on will be added. When two or three or four blocks are combined, a new block with a bigger number will be created. You can drop a block to a block that has the same number on the board. Blocks with the same number next to each other will automatically merge. Over time, you will conquer new achievements and chase new targets. It will become harder and harder as you advance just because blocks with small numbers and blocks with big numbers will appear.

Besides, you can’t move the blocks when they are already on the gameboard. This abcya3 puzzle game also offers some power-ups to help you. You can switch the upcoming blocks or break one block on the gameboard. The game is over when the gameboard is filled with blocks and you can’t merge any blocks. What is the biggest number that you can create?



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