Zen Cube 3D game

Zen Cube 3D has a new version for players at https://abcya3games.net/. The blocks consist of many small blocks arranged in different positions. Players need to collect 3 similar small blocks to destroy all large blocks. This puzzle game challenges the intelligence of players around the world. This innovative classic becomes a fun mix of time killers for everyone. Rotate the 3D cube in all directions to see the whole cube. Difficult levels will test your intelligence. Use props at the right time to help you go on stage more smoothly.

Each player has a new way of playing with a wonderful journey of discovery. What kind of participation do you have in our special journey? Use your skills and gaming tips to win new games. Follow the tutorial and recommend it to your friends. They also want to relax after every hour of work. Which journey attracts you to join? What strategy did you use in this game? Move the small blocks to the bottom position so that they are the same. Win every level in the shortest amount of time you have. Choose a new way of playing to win every level through many similar games of ABCya3 online.

Our free games help players win and unlock every new level. Rotate the blocks and collect the same blocks to complete the mission of this online game. Many players choose the 3D game world to observe and complete missions with excellent scores. Where is your favorite game space? Save new games and choose from our special gameplay. New game worlds appear and you are ready for the challenge. Complete the selections until you win them.


Use the left mouse button to collect different blocks

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