Zombie Royale.io game

Zombie Royale.io is a fun leveling IO game in which you have to survive as long as possible to earn money and improve your character's skills. This free online game on Silvergames.com will take you to a post-apocalyptic town filled with evil, bloodthirsty zombies who will do everything possible to eat your brains.

Do you like watching zombie movies and playing zombie games? Then Zombie Royale.io is the game for you. Attempt to survive the Zombie Apocalypse by eliminating Zombie Bosses. Earn as much money as possible to upgrade and purchase items. Show off your speed as well as your eye-hand coordination. Prepare yourself, and you'll have a blast. Play NOW!


In the two worlds: You need to help survivors, kill as many zombies and bosses as you can, and collect money.

In PVP Mode: Kill other players until you become the last survivor.

In Care Mode: Find all Gas and gas up the car so that you can leave the epicenter of the Zombie Apocalypse.

How to Play:

Hold the thumb on the screen and drag the mouse to move.

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