Adventures Thomas: Draw and Erase game

Welcome to the exciting world of "Thomas's Adventures: Draw and Erase" — an exciting game that will give you incredible adventures and challenges! In this exciting game you have to help Thomas find all the stars and connect them together!

In this game, the objective is to assist Thomas in discovering all of the stars and putting them in the correct order. Make sure that Thomas is able to successfully navigate the many challenges that he encounters throughout the route by carefully outlining a series of pathways for him to follow. As you assist Thomas in achieving his heavenly aspirations, you will come up against numerous challenging challenges and roadblocks that lie between him and the 38 sought-after stars. You possess a unique power that enables you to eliminate any barrier that dares to stand in his way and prevent him from advancing. Eliminate impediments using cunning and strategy in order to make it easier for Thomas to get to his sparkling objectives. Have fun playing!

Instruction to play: 

  • Draw: Draw a path for Thomas so that he can deftly avoid obstacles on his way.
  • Erase: erase everything that gets in your way to get to one of the 38 stars.

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