Draw 2 Save - Stickman Rescue game

Draw 2 Save - Stickman Rescue is a logic-puzzle survival game that tasks the player with saving a stickman character from death or worse. As with other similar games, such as Protect My Dog and Save My Pets, the player's only tools to protect the stickman are their drawing ability and a continuous black line.

In each level, the stickman hangs temporarily midair or stands on a platform while facing a deadly threat, such as a lava flow, spikes, swinging boulders, a shark in a pool of water, or gunfire. The character faces fantastical existential threats as well, including angels, devils and superpowered humans. The player must use their drawing skills and understanding of geometry, gravity and physics to create barriers around or near the stickman based on each threat type and elements in the setting.

Game Controls:

Use the mouse to play on laptop or desktop. Click and drag to draw. When you release, the time freeze will end and the action will resume.

On touchscreen devices, use your finger to draw. When you lift your finger, the time freeze will end and the action will resume.

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Dinmo Games

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