Block Puzzle Jewel game

Blast the logs and enjoy the relaxation and fun that will be in the Block Puzzle Jewel online game at Start now. Do you want to enjoy those things? Challenge and make the right decisions. New fun from the classic puzzle game. Nice graphics and satisfying sound effects. Experience tactile gameplay with a realistic wooden brick design. Free Games! Unlimited time.

Leaderboards allow you to compete with friends or players around the world. A small, lightweight, no-download, click-and-play game. No registration is required and play for free. The relaxing game is very interesting. You will perform the puzzle according to the principle of full vertical and horizontal rows all the pieces of wood will disappear. Everything is not too difficult. Get started with the online game Block Puzzle Jewel at abcya3 game for kids. Discover all that is new and unique about this game. Previous versions will play according to more top-down rules or bottom-up drifts.

But in this game, all those wooden boards are stationary, you just need to match them in the right position to form a closed horizontal and vertical row. All will disappear immediately and will continue to the next puzzle pieces. We don't need to match the colors, just randomizing the shapes to fit the gaps is enough. Experience a lot of interesting games there. You need to perform a lot of different skills. Share the fun with your friends.


Touch the screen or use the mouse to play.

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