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Merge & Décor is a merging puzzle game that you can play for free at ABCya-3. Here, you just bought a new mansion and it’s empty. It’s time to clean it and décor it. All you need to do is to merge two identical items to get a new one. You need a mop to wipe off the dust and claim furniture for your library, living room, and more. By merging, you can create new items and tools to renovate your dream house design. Also, with those tools and items, you can give them to your neighbors in exchange for stars. These stars will be used to get furniture.

Yes, you should prioritize your neighbors’ quests because that is the only way to earn money to buy new furniture. Tasks are comprised of items needed by different characters that you can see at the top of the gameboard. Some need only one item but some need more than one item. One of the most important things you should notice in this game is to learn how to manage space on the gameboard. The space management aspect is one of many challenges of the game. You can see that there are so many items on the board but most of them have cobwebs.

To clear the cobwebs, you have to merge them with one identical item. Do not add more items if identical items still can be found on the gameboard. If you keep adding items, the gameboard will be filled up soon. When you get enough stars to décor, the game gives you three different options for you to choose from. That’s all about the gameplay.



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