Bubble Strike game

Welcome to Bubble Strike! A free online game that provides you only fun and happiness every time. You can play it on any device. Match at least three bubbles of the same color to pop them and clear them off the board. Mind your angles as you bounce bubbles off the wall to hit the hard-to-reach spots. Use lightning and sun bombs as boosts to clear whole sections. Keep on popping until you run out of bubbles!

In the new exciting online game Bubble Strike you will have to destroy the bubbles, which at least capture the area in which you are. In front of you on the screen you will see a playing field in the upper part of which multi-colored bubbles will appear. They will gradually sink towards the ground. You will have a cannon at your disposal, which is capable of shooting single bubbles of various colors. They will spawn inside the gun. You will have to find bubbles of exactly the same color as your charge and aim to shoot at them. Having hit your bubble in this cluster of objects, you will destroy them and for this you will be given points in the Bubble Strike game.

How to play:

Roll the cursor around to reveal the targeting line. Point the line at a bubble on the bottommost row that matches the projectile's color and connects to at least one other matching bubble on the rows. Shoot the projectile to drop the bubbles. Use boosters to enhance gameplay.

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