Bubbles & Hungry Dragon game

Try to win Bubbles & Hungry Dragon with the correct bubble shooting and fighting tips you've learned in other game versions. The dragon will shoot bubbles at different locations and your mission is to destroy them before time runs out. ABCya3 suggests this game for players to relax and join a fun battle of dragons. They aim, shoot and match bubbles of the same color to beat other players. You can see hints in the direction of the bubbles in the level. Spend your free time conquering this bubble game. Explore new adventures with each online game selection.

We help players relax with the right game. Complete your favorite games with new options. You are ready to play online games. Share the game world with many surprises. Each player has a new direction of movement and participation. Let's resist the dragon's attack. These bubbles can fall at any time. Shoot bubbles before they move downwards. You can shoot at the position of balls of the same color linked together. Complete the new battle that we recommend to players. What is the method you used to unlock all levels? Perfect your game through the world of excellent online gaming at https://abcya3games.net/.


Aim, shoot and match bubbles of the same color

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