Slime Farm game

Slime Farm is a clicker game with mining, farming and transportation elements. A player uses a rainbow-colored workforce of bouncing and floating slime balls to mine crystals underground and move them to a conveyor belt that leads into a building where trucks pick up the crystals for transportation. The player then uses the revenues from the sale of the crystals and completion of achievement missions to perform various upgrades, such as increasing crystal product, slime speed, truck capacity and profit.


  • Mouse: To perform most actions, click a button or the screen. To send out trucks faster or access new mine farms, position the cursor at the building exit or first farm, press the left button, and slide the mouse either right or down, respectively.
  • Mobile: To perform most actions, tap a button or the screen. To send out trucks faster or unlock new farms, position the cursor, press the touchscreen or trackpad, and slide a finger or stylus either right or down, respectively.

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Mirra Games

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