Car Escape 3D game

Car Escape 3D is a fun 3D puzzle game where you need to unlock all the cars. Just tap on the car to move, but be careful to avoid other cars. Use your brain to solve all the puzzles and complete as many levels as you can. 

A crowded city will have lots of problems and traffic during the rush hour is one of those things one can expect. However, the drivers in this game can't decide how to move so it is up to you to clear the traffic. There are multiple different levels in this game, each becoming more challenging than the one before, so be prepared. When you start a game, you will see a grid of roads with cars on it. Each car has arrows on them representing the route they want to go. Clicking on a car will set them in motion and they will try to follow that route unless they face an obstacle. Work on cars with no obstacles in their way and then focus on the others. 

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Instruction to play: Use your mouse to play.

Published by company: Momo Games
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