Car Out game

Car Out is a simple yet addictive and quite challenging game from our new gaming list at ABCya car game to keep the kids busy this summer! It's a fascinating game of puzzles, camouflaging as a car game to make it more interesting. All players will join this game with a single goal throughout the levels, which is to get their car out of the crowded parking lot. Not only will you need to win the parking challenge here within the given timeline but you should also find the way to win with the least moves. We are looking for a flexible puzzle solver who can easily become a master at escaping traffic jams.

You will move the cars surrounding you and prevent your car from getting out of the main door. Slide them toward the direction they face to withdraw them or move them to another space within the parking lot. It's crucial to navigate through these challenging puzzles with a mind of thinking outside the box. The higher levels shall bring harder challenges where the cars get stuck together and it requires some critical thinking to detangle them. If you manage to be creative in your way of solving these problems, it's quite easy to free your car from the jammed parking lot with a few swipes! Each level shall represent itself with a different unique layout and obstacles. Let's start brainstorming and save the day with your talent for cracking logical puzzles!

How to play:

Move the cars or slide them off using the touchpad or mouse.

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