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Castle of Magic tests your flexibility, and ability to coordinate your character's powerful skills and dominate over the dangers. Enjoy this new journey and learn some magic to defeat the monsters here at Castle of Magic from ABCya3 games! The game is all about using your power to ace the route, advance on the journey, and defeat any obstacle that appears on the way. Learn how to utilize and wield the magic to make the most out of it. One of the most important keys in this arcade platform game will be to defeat furious monsters as they appear randomly in this magical game.

You can gain access and control a huge number of spells that allows you to not only shoot bullets, and fireballs, but also to transform into different displays of animals. Start with the easier levels to learn the basics and mechanics of the game before hitting the high levels that come with more interactive surfaces. Fly, slide, walk, jump, float, move on the ceiling, and do whatever it takes to get through the game quickly! There are 5 magic countries available through 5 maps that you can unlock one by one using the scores from the previous set. Bear in mind that the final key of the game is to bring back peace to the magical world and eliminate the existence of all monsters! Once you have progressed to the highest level, be prepared to utilize the skills for defeating the final boss.

How to play:

Use the keyboard to control the wizard.

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Gameloft SE

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