Cooking Chef Food Fever game

Cooking Chef Food Fever is an exhilarating culinary simulation game that immerses players in the frantic world of real cooking. It's a thrilling opportunity to put your culinary talents to the ultimate test by serving scrumptious dishes to hungry patrons while constructing the kitchen of your dreams. As the clock relentlessly ticks away, your ability to juggle cooking, time management, and food service is pushed to the limit. In this fast-paced restaurant game, you'll experience the rush of racing against time to cater to the demands of eager customers.

Your objective in this game is to serve food to your customers according to their orders. You should be quick because these people have places to be. In the beginning, your menu doesn't offer much, you can only serve freshly brewed coffee and fried eggs (with bread as an optional side). You will unlock more items as you play.

The cooking city is your playground, providing the canvas for your unique kitchen story and the canvas for your culinary madness to unfold. Prepare yourself for an infectious cooking fever that will sweep you off your feet within the enchanting cooking city. Your mission is to transform your humble restaurant into the perfect kitchen story, an epic tale of culinary delight. Are you up for the challenge of this cooking madness and ready to embark on a journey filled with culinary fun and excitement?

Instruction to play: You can use your mouse to play.

Become a top chef, making gourmet food and drinks from around the world!

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