Cute Cat Town game

Cute Cat Town is a cute idle simulator where you can cook soup with cats and build a whole town! In Cute Cat Town, your mission is to help a group of adorable cats in the process of preparing delectable soups among the tranquil beauty of a verdant forest. To begin, they will be responsible for preparing a scrumptious soup. You should see a blank area appear in front of you on the screen.

This is where the fire will take place. In order to bring the water to a boil, there will be a pot suspended over the fire. It is likely that your cat will be around. You will be able to regulate their behavior by using specialized symbols. In order to cook the soup, first you will need to put the various ingredients into the pot, and then you will need to add the spices. When the soup has reached the desired consistency, take the pot off the heat and remove it from the burner. Have fun playing!

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How to play: 

  • Use the mouse/ tap on the screen to play
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